The D-2 MkII is a horn speaker lover's dream. With 2 x 15" Usher in-house woofers go down to 24Hz. The earth- shaking bass sound even lower than the published 24Hz. Special order only.

2-way system:
quality high-frequency compression driver 4" x1(US-375)
low-bass woofer 15"x2 (15HM)
sensitivity: 93 dB @ 1 watt / 1m
nominal impedance: 4 ohms
frequency response (-3 dB): 26 Hz ~ 40 kHz
power handling: 250 watts
crossover frequencies: 695 Hz
weight: 297.3 kgs (including base)
dimensions (w x d x h): 66.5 cm x 89 cm x 179 cm

shipping weight: 49.5 kgs /pc (base)
shipping weight: 121 kgs /pc (low-bass)
shipping weight: 59 kgs /pc (tweeter)
shipping weight: 2.5 kgs /pc (cross over)

shipping box (w x d x h): 78.5 cm x 100 cm x 37 cm (base)
shipping box (w x d x h): 74.5 cm x 91 cm x 78 cm (low-bass)
shipping box (w x d x h): 74 cm x 96 cm x 37.5 cm (tweeter)
shipping box (w x d x h): 24 cm x 34 cm x 18.5 cm (cross over)


Price: $35,900.00


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